17 January 2008

Antal Weiss

pastel on paper 28 x 37 cm

Antal Weiss (1886-1963), portrait of a young Hungarian lady, 1918

Very little is known on the internet about Antal Weiss. From what I have found on-line so far he was a Hungarian graphic artist and illustrator. There are a few references to him working as a designer of posters, both civilian and military.

On the Imperial War Museum website we find one example of a wartime poster of his advertising war loans in WW I. And on an Hungarian auction site I found the following image of another war poster he made in 1915. The text, contrary to what you might think if you do not speak Hungarian, has nothing to do with war. Boldog uj évet simply means Happy New Year.

On this site you'll find a civilian advertising poster by Antal Weiss. I am not reproducing it here for reasons of copyright. Weiss also seems to have been involved in the design of Hungarian banknotes and the illustration of books and book covers, as evidenced by this monetary style book cover or this book here. By the looks of it he must have been a well-established artist in his time.

I also have an ex libris, signed and dated 1912, actual size 55 x 55 mm, designed for one Mérei Emil. The word könyve means book or volume.

That is all for the time being. Admittedly, the information presented here is still rather flimsy. Yet, the quality of the portrait in my possession motivates me to continue my research on Antal Weiss. The internet won't be of much assistance in this case, apart from this handy online Hungarian to English translator or even this one, so I'll be forced to delve into real paper archives as soon as I get a chance to do so.

By publishing my findings so far I am also hoping, through Google, to meet people who know more about Antal Weiss. No matter the eventual results, the search itself will prove as interesting as the artist himself undoubtedly used to be. To be continued.


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