15 January 2008


Only retrospect will be able to tell what this diary was all about. For the moment, all I can say is that it won't be political nor will it deal with current events. Most of the time it will centre around things NOT bought by the masses. There is a great amount of forgotten beauty out there in small things, I aim to create a collection of them here. Since, like most people, I have a normal daytime job posts will develop over time. When you see the phrase "later more" it simply means the affected post will be elaborated on whenever I have some time to spare. Even though this weblog, like most others, takes on the form of a diary, posting will not respect the timeline imposed by the format. It will grow organically, jumping back and forth in time.

By the way, Phryne was an ancient Greek model who was tried for heresy and then got away scott free because a devoted friend showed the judges her naked breasts. They were so impressed with her beauty that they dropped all charges against her. I suppose they dropped even more than that, but you never know for sure with these ancient Greeks.

PS: All pictures on this blog were taken with a very cheap camera. The challenge is not to buy a better one, which I cannot afford, but to make the most of what I have.